“There was no science in that,” Dr. Mitchel Berger from the University of California San Francisco told Congress in 2011

time I you see my number, just sing that song.

“I’m feeling good,” Ragland said while watching the Chiefs’ final official nfl football jerseys preseason game on Thursday. “I played in a couple of preseason games when I was with the Bills. It’s a process, but the more and more I’m out there, the more and more I feel better and I feel like I’m getting back to myself.

Cut out the letters or logo, and then trace the elements on contact paper. Cut around the letters or logo shapes without slicing through the remainder of the contact paper. Stick the contact paper on the wall, painting in the areas where the logo or letters belong.

Krakauer points out that Gen. Commander in Afghanistan, signed off on the Silver Star recommendation, even though he knew that Tillman’s death was a result of friendly fire. In confirmation hearings earlier this year, McChrystal acknowledged that the Army had failed the Tillman family, and he apologized for his part in that.

They’re even known to munch on one of their vulnerable lobster brethren, though that’s more common in captivity (it’s also why captive lobsters have rubber bands on their claws). Lobsters sometimes bury their food and eat it over several days. They use teeth located in their stomachs, eat their molted shells (full of calcium) and can shed appendages if attacked, wounded or surprised, only to regenerate them later.

“The paper is designed to stimulate further discussion, inquiry, and improvements in playing surfaces,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said. “It does not draw any conclusions about the cause of the injuries analyzed. Our panel states in the report that additional analyses, data from future NFL seasons, and studies of injury rates on synthetic turf and natural grass surfaces, including for other athletic populations and levels of football, are needed before any conclusions can be drawn or recommendations made.”.

Here our assessment at quarterback. Bears status Jay Cutler enjoyed what may have been his most encouraging season as a Bear in 2015. His rating went up (from 88.6 to 92.3) from. You just have to hit the hole, be physical, get downhill and read the blocks. They did a good job blocking those guys.”.

When I was 40, my doctor told me, ‘I don’t know when you’re going to have a stroke, but it’s going to happen.’ That was my wake up call,” she said in an interview. She began working out regularly with a trainer and eating better. Approximately 75 percent of people with diabetes will die of heart disease or stroke.

Carson Palmer three touchdown passes, running back Adrian Peterson rushed for two touchdowns in his Arizona debut, and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had a touchdown catch in the Cardinals’ 38 33 win against Tampa Bay. Palmer has accounted for 302 touchdowns (294 passing, eight rushing), Peterson has 104 touchdowns (99 rushing, five receiving) and Fitzgerald has 107 touchdown catches. They are the only QB RB WR trio of teammates in NFL history to account for at least 300, 100 and 100 total touchdowns, respectively.

Jonathan Vaughters: You always in contact with a lot of people in the cycling world. It wasn something we were actively pursuing, and quite frankly I think the people at Cervelo were pursuing a title sponsor to keep their team autonomous until very recently. And only when it became apparent that it wasn going to happen, they then wanted to stay in pro cycling and to honor as many obligations and stay as actively involved in the sport as possible.

Benjamin Watson, NO, vs. New York Giants: As the season has progressed, Watson’s reliability has been more and more valued by quarterback Drew Brees. The offense is devoid of star playmakers, so it makes sense that Watson would be on pace for perhaps the most productive season of his career.

Bosa and Ingram consistently harassed Denver last week, finishing the game with 1.5 sacks a piece. They also collectively produced six quarterback hits, which means they spent plenty of time in the opposition’s backfield. Ex Dolphin Chris McCain also contributed a sack.

Think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand in respect for the national anthem, Mnuchin said. Can do free speech on their own time. Remarks provoked team owners and the NFL to stridently defend the sport and its players.

Was a great feeling knowing all your hard work works out in the end, he said. Was speechless. Like the rest of the Broncos defensive line, believes there still is plenty to prove against the Chargers. Patients may also receive care when the team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the front office offers a new contract to an underperforming player, or any other such issue arises within the Bears organization that causes significant emotional pain and mental anguish. Our message to depressed or suicidal Bears fans is clear: You are not alone, and help is here. Aiello went on to say that while the NFL chose to place its flagship counseling center in the city of greatest need, plans are in place to soon open similar facilities in Jacksonville, Oakland, and Tampa Bay..

It also will be interesting to see if Carson Wentz continues his progression, as he was solid against Washington. But picking KC in their home opener is a no brainer in one of the more interesting matchups of the week. Against the spread: Chiefs minus 4.5..

Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills Live Stream NFL Football Online, Buffalo. 35 likes 1 talking about this. Watch Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills. The ideal solution, it would seem, would be to have a backup quarterback who is experienced and accomplished enough that the Eagles offense could be respectable even without Wentz. Foles is supposed to be that quarterback, but no one seems to know if or when he’ll be available, and it’s late: The Eagles’ season opener, against the Redskins, is two weeks away.

Yes, the CFL. The Canadian Football League. For a short time in the ’90s it had a few American teams, and after initial plans to start an expansion franchise, an ownership group tried to bring the Las Vegas Posse to town and rename it the. “I’ve played because I love football,” Max said. “I’m super supportive of what (Christian) has accomplished because he works his (butt) off and he gets what he puts in. I’m very proud of him.

Two multi billion dollar corporations fighting, with the NFL hiring a local schill (Fetzer dug the football out of his closet). I switched to real nba jerseys for sale Directv because of the lack of movement to add HD channels by TWC (once you have HD you want more) and the lack of the NHL Network (which clueless TWC replied back to an e mail inquiry that they were not going to carry and then they add it two weeks later). Haven looked back, only have TWC for Internet..

He has not translated that level of success into his pro career. “I’ve never been on the world stage at any one thing,” says Bobby. “I’ve always been a kind of jack of all trades. Had 98 yard TD catch on KO Weekend with NO in 2016. WR CHRIS HOGAN had 332 rec. Yards 2 TD catches in 2016 postseason.

I drink this every morning. I want to be in my best condition everyday. This is part of my overall happiness. RB’s/WR’s/TE’s negative 2 for fumbles. If your defense/special teams scores a touchdown they receive 6 points. 1 point for interceptions and sacks.

LB LEONARD FLOYD had sack in last home meeting. Had sack in Week 4. S ADRIAN AMOS led cheap custom team basketball uniforms team with 8 tackles last week. Mariners: The M have a margin of error. The rest of the teams in the American League wild card race allow for that. But it not all that wide.

Latha: Your swing in profit is much more than just that Rs 25 crore. You said your interest cost goes down Rs 100 crore to Rs 74 crore, that is a Rs 26 crore gain but look at the swing in your profit, it is huge. It can entirely be explained by interest..

There’s little incentive for sponsors to pick sides under the best of circumstances. This instance is especially murky. While the anthem protests by players have turned off some fans, others have soured on football for wholly other political reasons including solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, the player who knelt during the anthem last year and is currently unsigned by an NFL team..

The death threats that my family and I have received since my comments are heartbreaking. The racist and violent words directed at me and my son only serve as another reminder that our country remains divided and full of hateful rhetoric. These words of hate will only fuel me in my efforts to continue my work reaching out to different community groups, listening to opposing voices, and honoring the men and women in the Armed Forces who risk their lives basketball jersey shop every day so that we may have this dialogue.

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The Patriots would hold a double digit lead for the rest of the contest.. Use body language that says you’re a winner, a

about it: How much money would your local Starbucks make if it charged $5 for a cup of gas station coffee? In a recent Sports Illustrated story, Dwight Howard admits he should have never left Orlando.

24, 2017. “I’m happy that I am this size. Vick was in and out of the lineup in the opening half, and was booed each time he ran onto the field. Indianapolis Colts may want to have a backup plan, whether it is RG111 or someone else. Definitely it added a more competitive spirit to the team and makes the team edgier.

After your cool down, devote about five minutes to static stretching, making sure to hold each stretch for about 30 seconds.4 of 30Skip the high cal, butt widening, sugar spiked baked goods and sip this hydrating, nutrient packed juice from Eric Helms, founder and owner of Juice Generation, when you want a sweet snack that sneaks in servings of produce to boot: In a juicer, combine 2 to 3 carrots (greens removed), 1 seeded apple, 1/2 small beet, and 1/4 peeled lemon.

Asked why he was responding to questions on the topic after previously declining to comment, Gase said, I thought it was time for us to address it. He called the accusations “completely false” and no charges have been filed. Her monthly fee is now a multiple of that, plus a percentage of the promo deals she strikes.

Paul LePage.. For the couple’s one year anniversary, the duo, who have daughter Sienna Princess together, went on a vacation to Mexico with their baby girl and son Future (from Ciara’s previous relationship with rapper Future). “There was a big, huge ‘Doggone it!’ from Nebraska’s entire state population because we really wanted Scotty to be our head coach.”On our Open Mike radio show, I asked Frost his thoughts on those who say he should be the next coach, and he replied as you would expect.”I’m flattered,” Frost said.

Spend the money. Was the best evaluator of talent I have ever seen. “There was no science in that,” Dr. Rhys Meyers was last seen in ‘The Tudors’, NBC’s ‘Dracula’ and is expected to make a return for the ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ sequel, ‘City Of Ashes’.

In a statement, Dannon said, “It simply not OK to belittle anyone based on gender.” It appears Newton will still be paid for the rest of his contract with Dannon, which Forbes says is worth about $1 million per year. Last year, Bell played in only 12 games, missing game time at the start of the season after being suspended by the NFL for violating their substance abuse policy.

“Our goal was to provide open dialogue and communication. 12, 2017″ > >Preckwinkle on soda tax: In her own wordsThe battle over the Cook County pop tax has been heated since its passage took a tie breaking vote by board president Toni Preckwinkle in November.

Simpson oldest daughter, who said her father was best friend and my rock. Comments ranged from insinuations that Wilson didn’t want to share the fortune he’s about to get from a post Super Bowl contract to suspicions about marital infidelity and sexual orientation..

But it is to say that the more we know about the effects of continued brain trauma, the more obvious it is that this really is serious, and that all of the contact sports, led by rugby league, rugby union and AFL, must act quickly to instantly and severely punish those who play in a manner to unnecessarily put at risk the brain health of their opponents..

Reiff, a first round pick in 2012, started 69 of the 77 games he played for the Lions and likely will be asked to step in the departing Matt Kalil, who signed with Carolina on Thursday. TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. Our hope is that time will prove that this opportunity is deserved, and perhaps if given a chance Joe can write a chapter in Cincinnati sports history that both he and Cincinnati can be proud of.”.

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Dense - Free SEO Friendly phpLinkBid 1.4 Template

Zorg Web Directory has released a new template made free by Authority Web Directory.

The template uses CSS for the layout meaning no tables were used like typical templates. This reduced the code to text ratio making it much more SE friendly.

Preview / Download Theme

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Aurora - Free table-less phpLB 1.4 template by Zorg Directory

Zorg Web Directory has released a new template made free by Authority Business Directory.

The template is free to use providing footer links remain intact. Theme is table-less so is SEO friendly as it contains a better code : text ratio.

Preview / Download Theme

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phpLinkBid mod - Add articles to your bidding directory

This post is to present the new article mod that I have created for phplinkbid version 1.2

Click here to download the mod.

The ZIP file must be extracted. Read readme.txt very carefully.

Contact me if you encounter any problems.

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While the traffic is away the income will sway

As a bid directory owner, or normal directory owner, is your main objective the right thing? Many webmasters are handing out the dollars on expensive footer links, sitewide links and blog posts on sites with a high google PR. These directory owners seem to going all out for that nice PR6. lets face it, $1000 on high PR7 links for the year can bring you PR6. All you need to do then is buy some signature links on forums and you have sales rolling in to your directory. Everyone wants a PR5 link from your categories, profits are sky high and you couldn’t be happier.

Well you shouldn’t be. You should be sad. As a web ‘directory’ owner your objective should be to bring traffic to the directory, and then give them something useful to look at. Why would my mother care about viewing a blank ‘law’ PR5 category? She wouldn’t….but she may happily sit and read about health or something. When building your directory you should always focus on content.

This is the same for a bid directory. They may not seem as big as a normal directory, due to less categories, but content can still be achieved. Unique descriptions on the category pages (see here to learn how to extend description length when using phpLB) should be added, a blog, templates, articles, whatever you can think of needs to be added. The more quality content the better.

Why bother adding content to your bidding directory? Simple - unique quality content will bring in traffic. Thats the main selling point behind a bid directory, so the more you get the more beneficial resource your directory will be.

So why is traffic so important?
As a bid directory, the only way people will bid high is for traffic. Otherwise they will just enter at the minimum bid as it wont be to their advantage to bid high in a category or onto the home page. Also the more traffic you get the more likely it is to convert. Convert into submissions or high bids that is.

Remember that when you see high bids on other bid directories and not on yours - its because they have high traffic unlike yours. I will blog in the future about a ton of methods I use to drive traffic both free and paid. But thats for another day ;)


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phplb mod - making sure a long description does not mess up the design

This is a quick tutorial on how to mod your phpLB directory to prevent long descriptions for listed sites messing your design.

This is only releavant to those people using this mod to improve the descriptions. When someone writes a long description for their submission, it can affect the design when shown on the homepage and category page. Just look how I messed up a directory this morning.

As you can see, the long description made the nice vertically aligned listings look outof place.

To fix this, we can add a [read more…] style feature to those sites whose descriptions are too long.

This is the fix that has been applied on Zorg Links for the past few weeks.

To do this to your own bidding directory, do the following :

In FTP/File Manager mode, go to file inc/bootstrap.php

Find :

$kytoo_version = file_get_contents(PATH_BASE . 'version.txt');
$cfg->setVar('kytoo_version', $kytoo_version);

$cfg->setVar('regexp_urlsafe', 'A-Za-z0-9');

after it add :

function wordCut($text, $limit, $msg){
    if (strlen($text) > $limit){
        $txt1 = wordwrap($text, $limit, '[cut]');
        $txt2 = explode('[cut]', $txt1);
        $ourTxt = $txt2[0];
        $finalTxt = $ourTxt.$msg;
        $finalTxt = $text;
    return $finalTxt;

Save and upload the file.

Edit header.php

Find :

$bid_url = DIR_BASE . $bid_url;

after it add :

$rs->fields['link_description'] = wordCut($rs->fields['link_description'], 150, 
'<a href='.$bid_url.'>... read more</a>');

Save and upload the file.

Edit index.php

Find :

$tpl->assign_array_d('link_row', $rs->fields, 1);

remove it.

Find :

$bid_url = DIR_BASE . $bid_url;

after it add

$rs->fields['link_description'] = wordCut($rs->fields['link_description'], 150, 
'<a href='.$bid_url.'>... read more</a>');
$tpl->assign_array_d('link_row', $rs->fields, 1);

Thats it. All we did was add a function in a config file, and use it to snip descriptions that are too long and replace them with a …readmore feature. This has been tested and seems to work fine on Zorg Links. However as always make sure you make a backup of the files we edit before you change them, incase this mod doesn’t work out for you.


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Things to consider when choosing a template for your bidding directory

This is another useful post in my series of articles hoping to raise the standards of bid for position directories. I have been wanting to post this for while for two reasons. Firstly i haven’t made a blog post in a while, and secondly there has been many questions raised over bidding directory templates recently. There are few bidding directory templates around at the moment, and I have yet to see any designs I like other than a few.

Where can you get templates?

The easy option is to use one of the default designs. If your directory uses phplinkbid, there around around 5 templates that come free with it. These themes are pretty blank, used by many people, and will not get your directory many sales if you are using them. It shows customers that you haven’t spent a lot of time finding a better theme, and don’t care much about how your directory looks to potential submitters.

The next option is to use a free publicly released bidding directory theme. These are usually free, providing you keep the linkback to the designer and sponsor in the footer. These free themes are a great way to give your directory a good and fresh look. The only disadvantage to these themes are two things. The themes are free. this shows visitors you are not prepared to spend any money on your directory to make it unique, therefore why should they submit? Also, free themes get used a lot over the internet, so again, if someone has seen this theme around somehwere before, they are likely to realise that you have not bothered to invest in your directory. These templates are usually released on forums. I am in the process of releasing several phpLB templates each week, see my phplb themes section of the site for more info.

The final option is to get your directory a custom theme. This involves going to a design company, giving them details of your request, and you will have a template custom made for your bidding directory. This is perfect for serious directory owners. It shows you care about your directory, want it to look good, and are willing to invest in it. The only disadvantage to this option, if any, is the cost. A custom design won’t come cheaply. For example, I paid RealWd $300 for the custom theme for zorg links, its the average price for a theme of this quality. Searching webmaster forums like Digital Point, you can expect to find designers who are willing to charge anything over $100 for the design. Its best to make a thread and wait for offers.

Things to consider when choosing/ordering your template.

The color scheme. This is vital. Get it wrong and it could be your downfall. Why? Do you think large companies are going to invest in a directory whose color scheme involves yellow text on a black background? Pink even? There are of course exceptions, IndexQueen has a very nice pink template! Most directories involve a mix of around 2-3 nice colors. It usually involves a light background with darker features and text. An example of this is DirectoryDump. It uses a light background with orange and blue as its main colors. Another professional looking directory design using this three color rule is Alive Directory. Alive uses blue to contrast with white, and then a good combination of orange and blue text on the white background to give a professional and warming effect. If you prefer to have a dark background, the perfect example of this in use is AvivaDirectory. It uses a dark background, with lighter colors like green and orange. Always remember important web design rules when choosing colors for your template. Always choose something that looks professional. The more “wow” factor it has, the better.

The page structure. This is also the most important part. Not only does it make navigating, reading and using your site easier, it effects revenue. A bidding directory aims to deliver traffic, more notably to those sites listed on the home page with the top bids. Now think, why would someone bid high on your bidding directory? They do it mostly for the traffic. Therefore the template you choose should allow top ranked sites to get the best CTR (click through rate). This can be done easily. Just look at Zorg Links for example, the top ranked sites are shown above the fold (they can be seen without scrolling). This was an intended design feature. I wanted to show categories at the side for easier reading, and to give the sites on the homepage the maximum clicks. If your users have to scroll half way down the home page to be able to see the top bidding sites, you may want to think about a re-design to give them a better CTR.

Other things to consider is how you will display the listed sites. They need to be spaced out well, and iam to give the user as much information as possible. An example of a bidding directory I like that does this well is Ventedoy. It shows the sites nicely, they are easy to read and well spaced out. This is perfect for an end user looking for quality sites to visit.

Always remember these key things when choosing your template. Whats best for the users? Whats best for the submitted sites? Keep it professional, and don’t forget a good looking template can go a long way when wanting to boost sales.


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Bugs to fix in your phpLB bidding directory

At the time of writing this post, phpLB is still only on its second release. As all scripts do, phpLB still has some bugs to iron out if you want your bidding directory to perform as it should do for users.

Bug 1 - Broken page after paypal payment This bug is incredibly simple to fix. Log in to your admin panel, go to site configuration, and edit your site URL. Make sure the url is in the following format : http://www.zorg-links.com/ - make sure you remember the trailing / at the end of the URL. Otherwise when your customer has paid for their listing, they will be sent to a broken URL such as www.zorg-links.comlink123.html - which is obviously an invalid page.

Bug 2 - Minimum Bid not showing up in the input box This bug was a mistake by the programmers, they forgot to remove some code during the building of the script. Even when setting a minimum bid-up amount, the text box where the user types the new bid amount will still show $1 rather than what you set in the admin panel.

In your file manager or FTP program, edit index.php.

Find :

if((!empty($_REQUEST['bid'])) &&


$bid_default = intval($_REQUEST['bid']);}else


$bid_default = 1;


replace with :

if((!empty($_REQUEST['bid'])) &&


$bid_default = intval($_REQUEST['bid']);}else


$bid_default = $cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup');


Save and upload the file. When you view the detail page of an existing listing, the text box to enter a bid should now show the price that was set in the admin panel rather than $1.

Bug 3 - Minimum bid for new listings has no effect This is probably the worst bug in the script. The admin panel allows you to change prices for newly submitted links, and existing listings that want to bid higher. The problem is that the minimum bid for new listings doesnt work, so new links end up paying what an existing link should be paying.

To fix this, go to your file manager or FTP program and edit index.php

Find :

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bid');

Delete it.

Find :

$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid is$' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup') . '.00)',

'amount',$bid_default, 3, 4);

Replace with :


$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid is $' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bid') .

'.00)', 'amount', $cfg->getVar('minimum_bid'), 5, 5);

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bid');} else {

$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid-up is $' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup') .

'.00)', 'amount', $cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup'), 5, 5);

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bidup');


Save and upload the file. What we did here was write an if statement to check if the listing was new, and if it was apply the minimum bid for new listings, else use the minimum bid up for existing listings. We also used the addrule() function to validate the bid amount, which prevents people adding less than is allowed.

Bug 4 - Broken URL displayed after paypal payment This bug happens when a user has payed the bid amount at paypal, clicked the “Return to Merchant” button, and returned to your site. The users sees the bid success message, then sees a hyperlink that is supposed to take them to their site. This hyperlink is broken in version 1.2, and if not fixed will show “http://www.zorg-links.com/link/0.html” - which is obviously a dead link as it does not contain the ID of the submitted site.

To fix this bug, open your file manager or FTP program and edit index.php

Around line 107 find :

$bid_message .= ‘<p><b><a href=”‘ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’)
 . ‘link/’ . $link_id . ‘.html”>’ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’

) . ‘link/’ . $link_id . ‘.html</a></p>’;

Replace with :

$bid_message .= ‘<p><b><a href=”‘ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’)
 . ‘link/’ . $this_id . ‘.html”>’ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’

) . ‘link/’ . $this_id . ‘.html</a></p>’;   

Thats all! Fixing these bugs will cause less confusion to customers. It will prevent them from not submitting again in the future, and gives a better image about your site if everything works correctly. I tested and fixed all of these bugs on Zorg Links, and on a test site where no sites were listed, so everything should work ok.


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What script should power your bidding directory?

Once you have decided on a good brandable and keyword rich domain for your bidding directory, the next step is to get a script installed. There 3 well known scripts, and custom developed scripts that could possibly power your site.

Firstly, lets talk about why the script you use will matter.

It will affect how easy your site is to view for visitors. Yes thats right, a badly designed script can cause navigation problems or slow down your site. This could cause your precious visitors to head straight for the big red X.

It can affect the amount of submissions you get. This could potentially be a big problem if you get it wrong. A script with no automatic payment processing, no form to submit site details, or giving little benefit/attention to listed sites and the top bidder will not do you and your sales any favours.

It is important to be as user friendly as possible. These include making payments automated and run smoothly, rather than the user manually sending you the payment. Giving listed sites good benefits such as their own detail page is another necessary feature. As the site is a bidding directory, one of its main features is to send traffic. This initiated by displaying top sites on the homepage. Part of this feature can be done through the design, however the script plays an important role in this. The link leader should be displayed on all pages of the site. It gives them the maximum benefits of being listed there, such as more backlinks and being displayed on every page.

Now i will go into more detail about different types of scripts, and their advantages and disadvantages.

The first types of scripts available are “on the shelf” scripts. These are available to the public both free and paid.

Firstly we have the newly popular “link bid script“. This can be downloaded at http://www.linkbidscript.com/. The advantages of this script are quite numerous. Its free; you can get it installed for free; you can get free furture upgrades; and there are many free templates to download. This script looks quite promising. Any downsides to this may be lack of support as the script is free, lack of development due to no sales revenue, and perhaps lack of user contributed modifications and templates as the script is new on the market.

Next we have the phpLD bid script. The script is based off the market leading php link directory script, which can be downloaded for free at http://www.phplinkdirectory.com. The advantages other than it being free include that it is based on the most widely used web directory script available, so there is an enourmous amount of mods, templates, support and help available out there. That includes a huge official forum with thousands of members to help you out. There are however some big disadvantages. Firstly the script is free so may lack future developments. Also, the biggest worry i feel is, the script was never made to be a bidding directory script. There are little advantages to be listed on the homepage other that you may be listed on a page with higher page rank. Bidding directories are supposed to give traffic to listed sites, and the way this script was built, this is not maximised to good effect. Top bidding sites are often shown towards the bottom of the page under a hughe amount of categories. Of course, this could easily be changed by re-arranging the design, however I feel as the script was never made to be a bidding directory script it does not offer directory owners the potential to maximise their earnings using this script.

The next script is the market leader in bidding directory scripts - phplinkBid. It is my personal favourite which is why i use it on Zorg Links. It is packed with features, and those it lacks look set to be added in the soon to be released version 1.4. The script can be downloaded at a tiny amount of $30, available at www.phplinkbid.com. The $30 is a small price to pay for what could ultimately earn you several thousand dollars a year. There are many mods and free templates around already, and the site includes a nice active forum to help new users get established.

The next type of scripts arouund are bespoke/custom “off the shelf” scripts. These are made just for the directory owner, specifically as to how they want the script to work. The advantages of these scripts are that your directory will be unique. It shows you have spent time and money trying to look different from other directory owners. Good examples of custom made scripts are the popular big web links and ventedoy. They look great and have all the features that other bidding directories have, plus more such as the ability to be notified when your listing gets out-bidded. The disadvantages of these scripts are few, mainly it will be quite expensive to get one made for you, and they are not publicly used so any bugs may not be found and fixed as quickly.

I think thats it for a longish post. Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback as usual, and let me know if i have missed anything.


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