Bugs to fix in your phpLB bidding directory

At the time of writing this post, phpLB is still only on its second release. As all scripts do, phpLB still has some bugs to iron out if you want your bidding directory to perform as it should do for users.

Bug 1 - Broken page after paypal payment This bug is incredibly simple to fix. Log in to your admin panel, go to site configuration, and edit your site URL. Make sure the url is in the following format : http://www.zorg-links.com/ - make sure you remember the trailing / at the end of the URL. Otherwise when your customer has paid for their listing, they will be sent to a broken URL such as www.zorg-links.comlink123.html - which is obviously an invalid page.

Bug 2 - Minimum Bid not showing up in the input box This bug was a mistake by the programmers, they forgot to remove some code during the building of the script. Even when setting a minimum bid-up amount, the text box where the user types the new bid amount will still show $1 rather than what you set in the admin panel.

In your file manager or FTP program, edit index.php.

Find :

if((!empty($_REQUEST['bid'])) &&


$bid_default = intval($_REQUEST['bid']);}else


$bid_default = 1;


replace with :

if((!empty($_REQUEST['bid'])) &&


$bid_default = intval($_REQUEST['bid']);}else


$bid_default = $cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup');


Save and upload the file. When you view the detail page of an existing listing, the text box to enter a bid should now show the price that was set in the admin panel rather than $1.

Bug 3 - Minimum bid for new listings has no effect This is probably the worst bug in the script. The admin panel allows you to change prices for newly submitted links, and existing listings that want to bid higher. The problem is that the minimum bid for new listings doesnt work, so new links end up paying what an existing link should be paying.

To fix this, go to your file manager or FTP program and edit index.php

Find :

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bid');

Delete it.

Find :

$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid is$' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup') . '.00)',

'amount',$bid_default, 3, 4);

Replace with :


$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid is $' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bid') .

'.00)', 'amount', $cfg->getVar('minimum_bid'), 5, 5);

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bid');} else {

$kForm->addCurrency('Bid Amount (minimum bid-up is $' .

$cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup') .

'.00)', 'amount', $cfg->getVar('minimum_bidup'), 5, 5);

$kForm->addRule('amount', 'bidup');


Save and upload the file. What we did here was write an if statement to check if the listing was new, and if it was apply the minimum bid for new listings, else use the minimum bid up for existing listings. We also used the addrule() function to validate the bid amount, which prevents people adding less than is allowed.

Bug 4 - Broken URL displayed after paypal payment This bug happens when a user has payed the bid amount at paypal, clicked the “Return to Merchant” button, and returned to your site. The users sees the bid success message, then sees a hyperlink that is supposed to take them to their site. This hyperlink is broken in version 1.2, and if not fixed will show “http://www.zorg-links.com/link/0.html” - which is obviously a dead link as it does not contain the ID of the submitted site.

To fix this bug, open your file manager or FTP program and edit index.php

Around line 107 find :

$bid_message .= ‘<p><b><a href=”‘ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’)
 . ‘link/’ . $link_id . ‘.html”>’ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’

) . ‘link/’ . $link_id . ‘.html</a></p>’;

Replace with :

$bid_message .= ‘<p><b><a href=”‘ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’)
 . ‘link/’ . $this_id . ‘.html”>’ . $cfg->getVar(’site_url’

) . ‘link/’ . $this_id . ‘.html</a></p>’;   

Thats all! Fixing these bugs will cause less confusion to customers. It will prevent them from not submitting again in the future, and gives a better image about your site if everything works correctly. I tested and fixed all of these bugs on Zorg Links, and on a test site where no sites were listed, so everything should work ok.


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8 Responses to “Bugs to fix in your phpLB bidding directory”

  1. deluxdon Says:

    Quite useful info Mike. Made changes as you suggest at my deeplink bidding directory www.topbidlinks.com Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. alang Says:

    hey mikey, I’m having problem to fix the #3 bug. Seems like I unable to find the phrase that you listed above. Would appreciate if you could inform on which line the phrase located.

  3. johann Says:

    Great Job Mike ! you are the best ! i have a problem can’t find this :
    $kForm->addRule(’amount’, ‘bid’); i find only this : $kForm->addRule(’amount’, ‘bidup’);

    problem related with bug 3

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